Up-cycling shipping containers / porta cabins– an interesting and sustainable alternative

Re-used and up-cycled shipping containers are a surprisingly environmentally and budget-friendly option when designing and building a new residence. In the Netherlands, England and US this is trending, in LA and London you can find stylish complexes of container houses and in Amsterdam there’s a real student village consisting of 1000 shipping containers.

Containers can be up-cycled relatively easy. The rigid container framework forms the external casing that remains intact and the inner sides may be removed to create larger spaces and different compositions. A completely new interior can be designed relatively easy on the inside.
The shipping containers are strong and resistant to any weather condition. They can be fully prepared at the factory and easily be transported  to any location. The numerous opportunities of up-cycling containers matches the rapidly evolving developments in the field of sustainability and the requirement and wishes of the community as a result of it.


Bamboo Groove also uses containers for the construction of different houses and combines it with durable materials like bamboo and different ‘green packages’. The containers we use limit the impact on the environment and reduce initial building costs. With this financial gain we create the possibility to implement more green features like rain water harvesting and solar heating.
You can read more about our housing & interior design here or visit our shop to explore possibilities.

Other ways of up-cycling also have our interest. We are always looking for opportunities to give used materials a second life. One example is our bamboo bike ‘Fixie’, a handmade pre production model made out of a used regular racing bike. The tubing has been removed and replaced by bamboo sticks.
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