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Bamboestiek – Community Art


Since the previous edition was a great success , residents from our neighborhood will again, in the summer of 2015, jointly make one temporary creative construction. An art object made with bamboo sticks and elastics that will be (co)designed by children from the neighborhood and built by children and other residents under the guidance of Bamboo Groove.

In the months prior to the event the participating residents are made familiar with this so-called ‘bamboestieken’ through highly accessible packages and workshops. In this way the residents get acquainted with the environmentally friendly constructive features of bamboo. In the workshops that are provided the residents learn about the various ways you can build something with bamboo and elastics. At the workshops the participants can submit a scale model of their ideas for the art object. The residents make their own choice form all the submissions. In the end the selected object will be jointly built.

The purpose of the ‘Bamboostiek-project’ is to involve and to inspire people by showing what is happening and what is possible in the neighborhood, with each other and in cooperation with Cruquius Gilde. The project is an important event to increase social cohesion.

Do you want to join this project?

You can pick up free packages with 50 bamboo sticks, elastics and instructions @ Cruquius Gilde.
You can submit a scale model of your designs.

For more information, please contact us.


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