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3D printed light shades: black- gold inside

€ 65.00€ 300.00

Our new and innovative line of 3D printed light shades is not only available made of bamboo but also of a black biodegradable fabric. The light shades are finished in matt black (choc noir) outside and bright gold inside.

We present 5 different designs. Available separately and as a set of 3 or 5 light shades combined with a ceiling plate, round or rectangle.
Each lamp model has a black textile braided cable cord that is 180 cm long.

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The 5 designs are Basket, Bell, Classic, Hat, Tagine,

Price per piece is €65,– including an Led bulb/bullet CFL 5 watt (40 watt standard)  (type E14)
The lamp designs are only suitable with CFL bulb E14

Set price 3 is € 180 with a round ceiling plate of 35 cm, or € 225 with a rectangle plate of 60 cm.
Set price 5 is € 300 with a rectangular ceiling plate of 100 cm € 355.

Ceiling plate: round or square:
Round:  diameter 35 cm,  € 45,–. Bamboo pressed panel, 10 mm thick.ceiling plate bamboo round

Rectangle: 4 x 4  x 60 cm length, for 3 lamps. € 45,–.  Aluminum profile , 4 x 4 cm x 2 mm thick with 10 mm black bamboo pressed panel top.ceiling plate rectangle 60 cm aluminum and bamboo


Rectangle: 4 x 4 x 100 cm length, for 5 lamps.  € 55,–. Aluminum profile, 4 x 4 cm x 2 mm thick with 10 mm black bamboo pressed panel top.

ceiling plate rectangle 60 cm aluminum and bamboo


Please order a ceiling plate seperately.
If you can’t find your requested model combination on the list, please send us an email.

Dimensions of the lamp models  in mm:

                L  / W / H
Hat:       190/190/137
Bell:       120/120/160
Tagine: 170/170/135
Basket: 140/140/163
Classic: 173/173/127

Bamboo Light shade model or set

one piece, set of 3, set of 5

model design

basket, bell, classic, hat, tagine, 3 of a kind: Basket, 3 of a kind: Bell, 3 of a kind: Classic, 3 of a kind: Hat, 3 of a kind: Tagine, 3 different: Hat, Basket, Tagine, 5 different: Classic, Basket, Hat, Tagine, Bell, 5 of a kind basket, 5 of a kind: bell, 5 of a kind: classic, 5 of a kind: Hat, 5 of a kind: Tagine


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