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Bamboo Kayak

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The kayak is a Skin on Frame (SOF) kayak and is 420 cm long. The basis consists of nine milled frames that are bent and connected along eight bamboo poles. Therefore a special mold had been developed (see the video below), however the kayak can also be made without a mold.
Next, the basic frame is covered with canvas and waterproofed with oil carried boat varnish.
The end result is a lightweight durable and stable kayak.

We deliver the kayak as a do-it-yourself package which contains package materials and instructions, drawings and video:
– 9 milled frames which are made from one waterproof 15 mm plywood
– bamboo canes: dried and pre-cut on curved length
– (Hemp) canvas: pre-cut and stitched
– Oil worn boat varnish
– UV resistant tie wraps

Price of DIY package is  € 500,–
Ready to use  € 950,–

Workshops @ the Cruquius Gilde Studio
Cruquius Gilde, partner of Bamboo Groove, also provides workshops to build the bamboo kayak.
All the necessary equipment is available, including the use of a production mold.
Click here for more information.

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