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Interconnectedness with the community– Cruquius Gilde

Bamboo Groove designs, manufactures and builds in connectedness with the local community. We believe that in the near future people instead of the system, will be more and more the point of focus and so local communities, cooperatives and networks will increasingly be formed. We also believe in the strength of these communities, looking for talent and expertise nearby, working and living together.

Our products are therefore made in Amsterdam on a sustainable and local basis, in-house and in cooperation with Cruquius Gilde, a guild where local knowledge, expertise and production resources are shared. The cooperation offers opportunities to expand and develop the thoughts and ideas of Bamboo Groove in other areas. In that context, Cruquius Gilde operates, like Bamboo Groove, according to the following three principles.

Three principles

At first Cruquius Gilde is a creative production company in which artists, designers, furniture makers, craft professionals, volunteers and students from the immediate area are active.
They have access to a large production hall with various machines and eleven smaller studios where guild members work together on various projects and activities.

Cruquius Gilde also focuses on chances and opportunities for young, ambitious and artistic talents and organizes activities to guide them towards the big and adult world. They give young talents a second chance if they missed, for whatever reason, some essential education. So, specific projects are arranged for students or dropouts from the local high school to offer them work experience and internships.

Last but not least, the big hall is an ideal location for social and cultural activities like workshops (for example Bamboestiek: building with bamboo), music, theater, film (Bike in Cinema) and dance. Especially at weekends activities are programmed. People from the neighborhood come to these social, cultural and joyful gatherings to engage activities with one another.

All together, the Cruquius Gilde contributes to the local community in a technological, an artistic and a social way. Arts and crafts, talent development, social and cultural gathering, all key elements to working and living together.

Members of Cruquius Gilde

Are you curious about the members of the guild? Please visit the website and meet them!


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