State-of-the-art housing. Your dream, our design

Bamboo Groove Housing develops affordable, sustainable and modern style houses.
Most beautiful designs mixed with durable materials and smart handling of costs.

We offer special developed designs for the tropics as well as for the colder climates.
Warmth, humidity and heavy rains are just a few examples of all tropical issues we consider when designing our models, which results in the use of big roofs as a protection against sun and rain, high ceilings, inside and outside living areas and cross air ventilation.
Topics in the northern hemisphere are for instance heating, insulation and exploiting daylight to reduce lighting during daytime.

For both markets we design from a sustainable point of view. We use converted shipping containers and bamboo as the basic construction materials. Poles of Guadua, for example, are used for the roof design. Guadua is a strong kind of bamboo and a renewable resource. The containers we use are getting a second life, limit the impact on the environment and reduce initial building costs.
With this financial gain we create the possibility to implement more green features like rain water harvesting (RWH), the highest R value insulation, re-use of greywater and solar heating for hot water in combination with radial floor heating.
Smarter designs for state-of-the-art housing, affordable and sustainable.

Bamboo Groove Housing can be hired for a turn-key project or a la carte. On request we develop complete new designs and implement different off the grid packages providing a fully personal and enduring character.
We support the complete construction process of your house. From permits to a finished construction, it can be done within less than five months.
We take care of the following stages:
– Design and prefab: prefabrication of the building modules is carried out in the workshop or on site. In the latter situation we use the container also to transport all needed materials.
– Site prepare: clearing the site and preparing the footings/foundation
– Grey work: installation of the building modules, roofing, tubing, wall division, concrete and steel work
– Finishes: electrics, plumbing, flooring, wall/ceiling finishes, windows and doors, paint and stucco, interior green features.
Your dream, our design.

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