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Preservation of the environment and renewable energy are key elements of Bamboo Groove designs. Bamboo is an important alternative to wood or even steel. A strong, lasting construction material and a renewable resource that, after chopping it, naturally grows again. In addition, bamboo contributes to a pure, modern look of the typical Bamboo Groove designs.

One of these designs, in line with this philosophy, is our Garden Room. It is designed to be used as a home office, an outside studio where you can withdraw for writing, thinking and producing. A practical and spacious little house, easy to fit in your garden.

The fully insulated garden houses are habitable the whole year and can be delivered with all kind of options, like a green package, green roof and solar panels, a complete bathroom and a central heating system. The self bearing structure is made out of recycled steel. Earlier we re-used portable cabins for framing the garden houses, but after we noticed that the extra cost of preparing the portable cabins were too high, we switched to a simpler but equally durable construction of recycled steel.
The outside cladding is high pressed bamboo sheet material. Flooring and interior element designs are also made of bamboo. Pretty much complete to also be used as a game room, a gym, a guest house, an outside kitchen or even a house extension to create an extra bedroom for example.

Bamboo Groove has three standard models starting a model of ten square meters, but also designs custom made garden rooms upon request.
There are two options regarding the construction. The first is a prefab and mobile construction. The complete garden house is then prefabricated in our factory and tested before installation. This version will be installed with a crane and can easily be moved. The second option is a permanent one. The complete garden house will be built and attached on a fixed concrete foundation.

We cooperate with local students building the garden houses. The small but complete houses are an appropriate case for students offering them an opportunity to learn about important aspects of constructing, like foundation plumbing, rough construction, finishing, roofing, and rainwater drainage. Not only the production and the used materials are durable, the cooperation with students also contributes to the reinforcement of the local community.

The garden houses offer a wide range of opportunities to expand your living and working space at home. Not only is the garden room a sustainable prefab design, it offers you possibilities to live a more sustainable life.

Date:August 2013
Skills:HTML, CSS
Project URL:http://themeforest.net/