Furniture Line, a unique metal joint system

To bring our sustainable designs and durable materials inside your house and part of your daily life, Bamboo Groove produces furniture pieces with bamboo. The bamboo is used here in a novel and innovative way, using pure original bamboo canes. This concept creates a complete new view on bamboo furniture. Our bamboo designs are elegant, transparant, light in weight and strong in use.

Before producing the furniture the bamboo is dried and then treated with a special procedure and finished with bamboo oil. The subtle constructions are made possible by the use of our unique metal joint system which makes each design easy to assemble by yourself.

The line of furniture consists of our bamboo ladder ‘Tonkin’, for decorative and functional purposes in your bathroom or kitchen, our bathroom rack ‘Dry’ which brings plenty of organization to your bathroom, the clothing rack ‘Hang’, the indoor or outdoor bench ‘Guadua’, the decorative and functional cabinet ‘bamboo Billy’ and our bamboo table ‘Moso’.

The metal joints are available in the colors black(semi-gloss), nickel chromate and white and can be made personal with a bamboo tattoo – a laser engraving.
Each design is easy to assemble by yourself. We pre-assemble the metal joints on the bamboo cane. You only have to put the bamboo canes in the metal joints and tie it with the hex allen key.

In our showroom you will find all the assembled models. On request we assemble your chosen design when you are able to pick it up at our workshop.

Date:August 2013
Skills:HTML, CSS
Project URL:http://themeforest.net/