Tugelahuis, an integrated approach

Tugelahuis is a neighborhood community building, an example of an integrated sustainability project in which Bamboo Groove was involved. It was an assignment in the field of neighborhood work, initiated by Ymere, one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands, and part of the rebuilding and renovation project at the Transvaal district. All projects of Ymere contain social, physical and economical aspects according to the core values of Ymere. The main goal of this project is to improve social cohesion amongst local inhabitants, keep buildings and surroundings clean and safe, and supporting people in their local business.

Tugelahuis is a multi-functional building with a varied program of activities. On one hand, it provides an information point during the period of rebuilding and renovation. There is an info center of the Transvaal district, a caretaker office for people living at Tugelaweg housing blocks, a neighborhood maintenance team and a sales office on new and renovated Tugelaweg apartments. On the other hand it provides meeting facilities, a talent development program for local young people, neighborhood vegetable gardens and other social activities and gatherings.

To build sustainable, in both a technical and a social way, Bamboo Groove combined these aspects, like sustainable materials, upcycling and social work, in the integrated design. In the context of upcycling, Bamboo Groove applies re-used portable cabins. Tugelahuis is a temporary building constructed with these old re-used portable cabins with the intention of using it again later, separately from one another. Bamboo, a sustainable material, is used in different ways. The roof structure is made out of Guadua poles, a very large and strong kind of bamboo. The outside framing of Tugelahuis is finished with high pressed bamboo paneling. Besides that, nearly all interior items are specially made with different bamboo panel material, such as office desks, the entrance counter, the separation wall and meeting room furniture. Last but not least, the Tugelahuis was built in cooperation with Pantar Amsterdam, a social work place company.

The project contributes to connectedness in the neighborhood and enables all residents to live, work and share activities together during the period of rebuilding and renovation of their district.

Integrated design and project management by Bamboo Groove.

Date:August 2013
Skills:Bamboo design and construction