Bamboo Groove @Cruquius Gilde projects

Bamboo Groove cooperates with the Cruquius Gilde, a creative training company in which artists, designers, furniture makers, craft professionals, volunteers and students from the immediate area are active. A guild where knowledge, expertise and production resources are shared.
In addition, projects are initiated in collaboration with the local community and with the aim of connecting people and expertise within the community.

The cooperation with the Cruquius Gilde offers opportunities to expand the thoughts and ideas of Bamboo Groove in other areas. Therefore other production methods and materials, such as 100% recycled steel and wood with the FSC logo, are used as well, even though equal themes as meeting, learning and working with the guild members and the community have the focus of attention.

With Cruquius Gilde we cooperate on all kinds of projects. We construct furniture for cafes and restaurants, we work on interior design and production, on brand activation and on development and implementation of business concepts.
For example, we produced the so-called picnic tables and other furniture for café-restaurants Waterkant, Smokin’ Barrels, Maxwell, De Biertuin in Amsterdam and Vuurtoreneiland in Durgerdam. Or event furniture commissioned by Heineken to promote their new product Jillz.
Using bamboo though, we designed a festival stand for McDonald’s, used at Parkpop to present their brand new iced fruit smoothies.
For the Bijlmerparktheater at Amsterdam Zuid Oost we developed and implemented the business concept for their catering activities. For Ymere Heesterveld we did a similar project for their Bed &Breakfast.

A result of sharing knowledge, expertise and production resources. A variety of expertise that provides a variety of innovative and creative projects.