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  • split level
  • bamboo constructed roofing
  • reception desk
  • playing room for kids
  • office space
  • office desk
  • photos of local heroes in reception desk
  • coat rack

Community building: Tugelahuis

€ 185,000.00

Tugelahuis is a neighborhood community building, an example of an integrated sustainability project in which Bamboo Groove was involved. It was an assignment in the field of neighborhood work, initiated by Ymere, one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands, and part of the rebuilding and renovation project at the Transvaal district. All projects of Ymere contain social, physical and economical aspects according to the core values of Ymere. The main goal of this project is to improve social cohesion amongst local inhabitants, keep buildings and surroundings clean and safe, and supporting people in their local business. Intgerated design (architecture and interior) and project managment by Bamboo Groove.


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170 sqm, multi-functional buidling constructed with re-used  5 porta cabins. Roof construction bamboo Guadua
Outside finishing with high pressed bamboo panel.

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