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Garden Room – a solution for informal care

Bamboo Groove believes that in the near future local communities, cooperatives and networks will increasingly be formed. In these communities people are working and living together, using and strengthening different talents and expertise. Besides that they will also be creating and increasing an affectionate and safe community where people care for one another.

One of our designs, the Garden Room, fits this philosophy. A practical and spacious little house, easy to fit in your garden and pretty much complete to be used as a guesthouse. An ideal solution for people who care for a needy friend or family member. As a caregiver you are always nearby, caring is made easier, more flexible and less time-consuming. Besides that, you and your friend or family member maintain valuable privacy.

The fully insulated garden houses are habitable the whole year and can be delivered with all kind of options, like a green package, green roof and solar panels, a complete bathroom and a central heating system. The self bearing structure is made out of recycled steel. The outside cladding is high pressed bamboo sheet material. Flooring and interior element designs are also made of bamboo.
All together a sustainable design that provides a natural and elegant appearance.

For more information about the garden houses, click here or fill out our contact form. We will gladly assist you.

Since November 1, 2014, it is possible to build more without a license. Using a garden house for informal care is therefore easier to arrange. Read about it here.

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