Classic, Basket, Hat, Tagine, Bell

New innovative bamboo product – 3d printed light shades

Bamboo Groove is constantly responding to innovative technologies and developments that make it possible to manufacture unique and sustainable products on a local scale, in connectedness with the local community.

3D printing illustrates these effects quite well. The printers are easily accessible and enable local production of unique designs on a small scale. Finding ways to use this technique in combination with sustainable materials, we developed a way to print products that are made of bamboo.
We worked on an innovative and exclusive bamboo filament that is especially fabricated for Bamboo Groove and is initially used to print accessories for our newly designed lamps on our Original Ultimaker 3D printer.

So, earlier, we designed a 3D printed lamp holder made of this exclusive kind of bamboo filament containing 50% recycled bamboo fabric and the lamp Bucky Sphere, constructed with 3D printed components.

At this moment we gladly launch our new line of 3D printed light shades, also made of the exclusive kind of bamboo filament. The printed light shades have a warm and natural look and feel, called ‘raw printed’ because of the authentic natural touch and include five different designs, named Hat, Tahin, Classic, Bell and Basket.  The designs are available separately, but also as a set with three or five light shades combined with a ceiling plate, round or square. 

We developed two different versions. A natural light shade, in which the light softly glows through the printed material  and provides a warm terracotta feeling. And a glossy gold version, finished with a gold paint at the inside.

3D printing provides a variety of possibilities constructing and designing lamps with a very natural look that fits durability in both a technological and a decorative way.

For more information about our lamps and possibilities purchasing them, click here.


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