3d printed light shades

3d printed light shades. Black- Gold

Experimenting with our 3D-printer, using pure bamboo mixed with a biodegradable filament which led to some beautifully designed light shades, we came up with the idea of trying to print these designs with the biodegradable filament on its own.

That worked out great and gave us the opportunity to use different colors and blends, matching different interior styles and giving it an eye catching detail.

At this moment we gladly introduce our designs combined with a matt black coating and golden inner side look in a mysterious way. Natural and shimmering at once.

Like our bamboo lamp shades, we provide five different designs, named Hat, Tagine, Classic, Bell and Basket. The designs are available separately, but also as a set, containing three or five light shades combined with a ceiling plate, round or square.

For more information about our lamps and possibilities puchasing them click here

3D printing provides a variety of possibilities constructing and designing several objects that fits our thoughts and ideas of durability in both a technological and a decorative way.

Please stay tuned for further developments from our side!

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