Sustainability and beauty combined – the strength of bamboo

Bamboo Groove operates from the point of view that local communities, cooperatives and networks will increasingly be formed. New technological developments enable, within those communities, manufacturing unique products at a local scale. In this, durability is a key element, in a technological way, in a social way and by using sustainable components and materials. Durability contributes to the long-term value.

Once moved to Costa Rica, Erwin Schuster, founder of Bamboo Groove, came in contact with bamboo and the various possibilities of bamboo using it for the construction of furniture, interior design and even houses. At that time, aspects like the environment and renewable energy already had his interest. Bamboo proved to be a sustainable alternative for wood and, in some cases even for steel.


Bamboo is a type of grass, a renewable resource that naturally grows again if harvested. Bamboo grows faster than wood, some species even up till 35 meters in only five years, and it converts 30% more CO² in oxygen.

Erwin started experimenting with different bamboo species. He preferably uses bamboo in its original form as a bamboo stick or stem. But, also high pressed bamboo offers a lot of opportunities, especially for interior design and components of houses.